The game is Hyper-casual one where we want you to be UnHybrid to hit high scores.  It is a simple game where we have to control the ball in such a way that it doesn't hit the poles coming by. These poles make your ball go Hybrid taking different shapes which makes the gameplay a bit difficult to play. We believe in gamification so implemented leaderboard panel to our game where you can find everyone with their high scores.


It is really simple just need use left and right key to play.  Try not to hit the poles and you hit them you take up some Hybrid shape which make the game a bit difficult.


UnHybrid 31 MB
UnHybrid 27 MB
UnHybrid 18 MB
UnHybrid 29 MB

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Yeah, I would echo other comments... this is a pretty addictive game. The gameplay is so smooth too. Great work!

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Nice Game, is very addictive, is very hard.

Really cool concept. The controls are very tight and the movement of the gameplay really satisfying. I found it more fun to bump into poles and distort the shape of the ball, almost wish it was more integrated into the gameplay. 
I wish you could mute the sound effect of the ball rolling too.

Otherwise, great music, awesome sound effects and gameplay. 

Awesome Man...